At Coopers Kitchen Appliances, we pride ourselves on offering the best possible customer service. We give every customer individual care and attention, in the hope that we can make their appliance shopping experience a happy one.

Here’s what our customers have to say about Coopers Kitchen Appliances:

“I would like to thank an electrical shop for outstanding customer service. When my washing machine started making a terrible noise I rang Coopers of East Sheen. I bought a new washing machine over the phone and they agreed to deliver the same day. Upon reaching my 10th floor flat with the new machine, they discovered that my old machine was not broken at all. I was offered a full refund on the machine I had just bought from this ‘honest shop’. Now, would any of the supermarkets or larger stores offer such wonderful customer service? I am so grateful to Coopers. I would like to repay them and let the public know of such kindness”.

Lee Ashley, Roehampton, in a letter to the Richmond & Twickenham Times, published September 2010

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for sorting out my SMEG cooker and then going the extra mile to find out that I could have a 5-year warranty for free! It doesn’t happen often that people go over and above the basics of customer service, so thank you”.

Sue Buckler, East Sheen

“We wanted to thank you so very much for your extraordinary customer service with respect to resolving the situation with our faulty washing machine. One of the main reasons why we shop at Coopers rather than a ‘superstore’ or the Internet is for the customer service and advice we have received when making previous purchases. We will be using Coopers again in the future. We also have friends who are in the process of redoing their kitchen and will will recommend that they visit you, and relate the positive customer service we received from your staff”

Neil and Daphne Taylor, East Sheen