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If you have a question about any kind of appliance for your kitchen, come and talk to us in-store, or email us using the form below. We’re happy to help.

Here are some examples of questions that we have answered:

“I’m looking for a fully integrated tumble dryer but can’t find one. Can you help?”

Five years ago, there were several fully integrated tumble dryers on the market, but this is no longer the case. Today, there are only two fully integrated tumble dryers on the market, both of which are vented (need ducting to an outside wall). If you need a condenser dryer (no need for ducting), there is now only one model – a Miele – and this is semi-integrated, which means that the display panel will always show.

“What potential issues should I consider before buying a range cooker?”

It’s important to ensure that your kitchen has the required electrical supply if you are considering buying a dual fuel or all-electric range cooker. Each cooker requires a ‘total connected load’ on your supply, which is measured in kilowatts. We recommend getting a qualified electrician to check your supply before you purchase. We can arrange this if required.

“I need to replace my ten-year old Amana side-by-side fridge freezer but I’m struggling to find something of the right height. What can I do?”

All current side-by-side fridge freezers are now taller than they were when you bought your Amana. If you have built furniture around your unit, this is obviously a problem. Fisher & Paykel are the only brand to produce a fridge freezer (with ice and water) that fits neatly into this space. We can order this for you.

“How can I make sure that my washer/drier is energy efficient?”

Siemens have just launched a washer/drier that is A-rated for energy efficiency, the first ever to get an A rating. This machine uses hot air to dry the clothes. Other washer/driers use up to 100 litres of cold water to dry clothes.

“I live in a flat with a tiny kitchen. I’m fed up of washing up and dream of owning a dishwasher. Is there anything on the market for me?”

Bosch produce a range of table-top dishwashers in funky colours, perfect for a small space. Kiss goodbye to that washing up!