Miele WTF130WPM Washer Dryer

This Miele WTF130WPM washer dryer has a 7kg drum on the washing cycle and 4 kg on the drying cycle and 1600 rpm. Miele is well known for its build quality as every part of the appliance is tried and tested to last up to 20 years. It aslo comes with a 2 year warranty.

Why we recommend it: This Miele washer dryer has a honeycomb drum that will take good care of all of your clothing. It has a quick power wash and dry for up to 4kg done in 3 hours, rinse out fluff programme to get rid of that extra fluff from the drying cycle in 8 minutes. You can use the ProgrammeManager to customise the washing and drying process to suit your requirements for example you can do an Eco wash: particularly energy-saving wash with the same wash performance.

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